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Backscatter and Reflective Links:

In this work we looking  at extending the basic techniques of backscatter RFID systems into the microwave and even mm-wave regimes to implement low power data links for wearables and other batter-capacity limited devices. The work we are doing focuses on evolving from very basic OOK type data links used in RFID, and bringing them into the QAM/OFDM world of the modern 802.11 WiFi standards.

In this effort so far we've reported :

  1. A low cost proof of concept OOK system with commerically available components operating at 5.8 GHz and achiving data-rates up to 10 MB/s.
  2. Two ASK based mm-wave prototype links at 100 GHz and 170 GHz which demonstrated data rates of 380 MB/s over about 1 inch of distance. [video]
  3. A full BPSK/QPSK system with dedicated CMOS hardware delivering 330 MB/s over 2.5 meters at 2.9 GHz. [video]

 I gave an interview on RCR news last month discussing the overall project. Check it out if you want to hear my views on 802.11 (